I love how the on line environment has brought people interested in art closer to the artist, and how through this process, a very unique and vital relationship has been established. This in turn has become very intense.

As an artist I need to have my own very exclusive and lonely times of creation…but sharing my work’s progress enables me to share feelings, receive feedback and thus move forward in ways I never thought I would. This “model”not only has become a new way of presenting ones work, it has also facilitated the ground to open communication. What I paint reflects my ideas,my dreams, my emotions, my being. It is my way of communicating the inside to the outside. Every new painting is my child, which grows to be an original. A painting to me has substance. It can be stong, it can be weak, it can be vibrant, interesting, motivating, out of the ordinary, subtract or abstract, it can be dark, it can be captivating.

People have the option to view and review, to come closer to the artist’s world.

What has become very appealing to me, is the opportynity to even share work under process or a project just completed, initiating an on-going and live link between my work and the viewers. This is, without a doubt, something that evolves and produces very novel feelings for both parties.

it is an open communications and anyone can join. 

Stay in touch with my artwork and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments in regards to my artwork, or if you wish to get a quotation.

Margarita Peppa



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