The Artist

imageMargarita Peppa felt the need to explore and discover her passion for art from a very young age, when she was regularly found to  spontaneously create over desks, papers, books, clothes, walls and on any kind of “canvas”.
Born in Athens, Greece and being the youngest member of a very diverse, open minded and positive  family, had the opportunity to travel a lot and live several years abroad. This has broadened up her perspective and helped her develop her expression skills in challenging international environments.  While studying Business Studies with Marketing in the UK, she attended courses of linear drawing and art in order to cultivate her love and talent in the creative process.
Her canvases are the paradise of abstraction, while her sketches (from young, among other,  fashionable women) reveal a feminine, romantic and rebellious identity. Pointe acquire a more joyful existence, love gets reversed by the thought, vintage is cherished.
Although Margarita Peppa has worked for major multinational companies and upscale/ luxury  fashion brands as a Brand & Marketing Manager in Europe and Middle East, her obvious appeal in painting led the artist to an obvious dedication in art.
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